Monday, 30 April 2007

Potting flowers

Another beautiful day. I love to wake up early in the morning, well maybe not at 6am if I am off, but I love the way the sun streams in through the window and I can just open my eyes to blue skies and a day full of possibilities.

So I don't get a lot done in the morning. just housework and general tidying up. Oh, I caught up some more on the computer, filing emails, transfering more stuff from the old one. I now have Photoshop and other similar software installed, I finally got the card reader to work, have downloaded some photos, and installed the printer and just generally updated drivers. I think that I am getting there. It is just all the stuff on the external drive now. My 40,000 odd photos. I need to back them up on here. It will take forever I think. Another day though.

So, I went to Ickenham to meet Sam for lunch. Amy was there along with Ali and Julie a bit later on. I wasn't going to eat but that didn't last long! So we chatted over coffee and sandwiches and then I headed back via the garden centre. I just wanted to look at sheds, sand, pebbles etc but ended up with two large bags of compost and about 60 plants. Mostly summer bedding, trailing plants. For the hanging baskets and pots out front and all the pots at the back. I also picked up some large plastic planters from Poundland, I don't like the shop but it is great value for certain items.

So the afternoon and all evening, until it got too dark to see, was spent planting up all my pots. And arranging them around the steps and tiny paved bit next to the conservatory. It looks really pretty now. I can't wait for the plants to start growing as I love the effect of tiny flowers tumbling down the steps. I am really enthusiastic about finishing the garden this year. Or should that be starting it? I want to get the playshed replaced with a smaller shed and deck out the bottom of the garden. Or just fill it with pebbles and paving. And a table and chairs so that I can eat out during the hot summer evenings. And have a garden that looks like it has been made over by one of those gardening makeover programmes. Dream on!

My little oasis...

And these aren't really my flowers. Just borrowed from my neighbour. But they look so beautiful this time of the year. And we get to see them!

And a close up....

Sunday, 29 April 2007

Whippendell Woods

After a lazy morning...yep still in my jammies at midday...I met up with Laura and family and went to Whippendell Woods, North Watford. It was a nice sunny day, perfect for bluebell photos. Unfortunately it was the tail end of bluebell season, so close up they weren't at their best, but from a distance they were fabulous, a carpet of blue. What I love most about these woods are that they are wide open, lots of spaces, so when you look through the trees you just see pockets of blue in the distance amongst the trees. And of course it is spring so the leaves have that fresh, light green glow to them; they just look so new and so beautiful. See here...

We then went onto Langley Farm, a petting farm for kids. Perfect for Emma and Andrew as they could see the rabbits and owls, feed the pigs, play on the slide and other toys and we got to drink coffee!

Andrew and Emma both had their first horse ride. Andrew managed 20 yards before he wanted off, Emma got as far as the saddle. But some cute photos later, both kids were off playing and Gemma the pony got a well deserved rest.

Then it was back home where we went next door for an impromptu BBQ, the first of the year. I love food this way. It may not be good for you but I just love my food cooked out in the open. There is something quite special about the smell of grilled meat. A bit like the smell of frying bacon; it makes me instantly hungrey. I love that the weather has been hot enough in April for shorts and tee shirts, eating al fresco and just pretending that it is actually summer.

Saturday, 28 April 2007

The People's Quiz

So how many times can you visit a scrapbook shop in one day and NOT buy anything?

Three it seems lol.

I took Holly to work at Willow Tree Crafts this morning as usual. As usual she was late getting up and forgot about her lunch. So I ended up going back with her sandwiches at 1pm then back at 5pm to collect her. And bought nothing! Well I did buy lots of stuff on Thursday....Amy had a delivery of Autumn Leaves stamps and I like them almost as much as my Banana Frog stamps. So I bought three. And some cardstock. And a book. All very nice though.

So did anyone watch the People's Quiz tonight? Holly's friend Danni was on, their youngest contestant. Unfortunately she didn't get a look in with the eventual winner Mark. (So arrogant). But we saw Holly in the audience, cheering Danni on plenty of times. How cool is that? And she was so excited to be on TV as the last time was on the Disney Channel when she was 6 or 7 and we never got to see it. Well done Danni and well done Hoz!

Root Canal

The day that I have been dreading for ages, No getting around it. I have to get a root canal. And I hate the dentist. I had the prep work yesterday plus I don't know how many injections. And then a second batch as they weren't working quick enough. So I get there and the odontologist looks at my tooth, puts something cold on it - can I feel it? Er yes. Quite a lot as it happens. But that was a good thing. Because he said that he didn't need to do a root canal. So I sat in the waiting room whilst he discussed it with my dentist. For 30 minutes. Until it was confirmed, I didn't need it. Yay!!

So to celebrate I bought an Easter Egg. Yes I know that Easter has come and gone, but it was Green & Black's organic Maya Gold. Which to the uninitiated is yummy dark chocolate with orange and spices. The perfect way to celebrate a trip to the dentist. But don't tell Brett. That's why I need root canal lol.

Then I drove to Ickenham and met Sam for lunch.

And then when I got home, I finished two pages for the magazine, and scanned them. And transferred them to this PC. Another story. And finally, I sorted out this blog. Which I have only had for two months but done nothing with until tonight. So lots of back posts it is. So I will add a few pages that aren't for the magazine. A few from Scrapmanic and a couple for Banana Frog.

Friday, 27 April 2007

Jack's birthday

So baby Jack is now a year old. Such a cutie. And he had a party to celebrate. With all of his family, Cheryl, Greg and Hannah, Holly, Emma and Justin, Danni, Warren, Lyn, Jean and Ted, Gary and Laine.

And me to take some photos.

So I took the photos. Isn't Jack just gorgeous? And then I rushed back because Watford were at home to Manchester City. They drew 1-1. And got relegated to the Championship League for next season. Hey Ho. Just wished they showed a little more effort during the majority of the game, not just the last 20 minutes.

Sunday, 15 April 2007

Ally Pally

Another day on the Banana Frog stand. I just love working at the shows with Bev. Even if I can't remember how to work the till...and I make a mess with her stamps.

So today I took my neighbour Laura down with me, on a really beautiful, warm Spring morning. Far too nice to be indoors even if I do love working at the show.

It was just Bev and her mum, and me. But it wasn't that busy. Unlike yesterday when Sam was helping out. So I got to see some friends, buy a few bits, demonstrate some of Bev's fab new stamps and generally have a very pleasant day.

I also got to take some photos of the pretty blossom trees in the grounds. This is why I just love Spring.

Saturday, 14 April 2007

FA Cup semi-finals

At long last. It is a beautiful day and Watford are in the semi-finals of the FA Cup. Even if they don't win...and after Man United thrashed Roma 7-1, I think that will be the likely outcome....I am still looking forward to the game.
Well after a slight mishap when I got dropped off at the meeting place only to find it completely deserted. No yellow shirts in sight. Not anywhere. Panic. So I walk up to the top of the road. And round the corner. To see all the coaches parked up. At least 30 of them. In completely the wrong place. But I felt happy. I was still going.
So four hours later. One stop for coffee and cake. And a new phone battery because mine decided at that moment that it was going to pack up. We finally arrive at Aston Villa. With twenty minutes to spare. So I decide to find a cash point because I still owe Nick for my ticket. And a kind policeman directs me right through the Man United fans. Who take the micky big time. Because I am still wearing my bright yellow shirt. Right. Not a good plan. And the cash point was empty. But at least I took the shirt off before walking back lol.
So the atmosphere was just incredible. Maybe 20,000 Watford fans just screaming. Waving flags and banners. Silly hats. And we were sitting in the sun. How cool was that? So different to where my seat is at Vicarage the shade. I got to wear my sunglasses and caught some colour.

We lost. 4-1. Not a surprise really. But we were good, brilliant even. We didn't let ourselves down. Man U didn't look that good in comparison. For the league leaders. And our goal was good. And Marlon King made his first appearance since his injury at the beginning of the season. But we still lost. But the atmosphere remained upbeat. And I was happy. And it didn't take four hours to get home either. An enjoyable day.

Sunday, 8 April 2007

Easter egg hunt

Holly and I went to Cassiobury Park in Watford, to hold an Easter egg hunt for Andrew and Emma. Another beautiful day, warm and sunny. Just perfect to search out chocolate. So whilst Dave and Holly took the kids off to the park, Laura and I hid the eggs in the bushes. Then called them back.

Well Andrew didn't need telling twice. He was off. Finding all the eggs. Emma wasn't fussed. She found her first egg, promptly unwrapped it and ate it.

Holly just helped out, then played footie with Dave. And Laura and I just sat out in the sun and chatted.

Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Back to South Africa

I can't believe that a weekend has gone by so quickly.

Holly and I took Venessa to the airport. Waited for check-in (forever) and then said goodbye at 'departures'. I was determined not to cry this time. That was hard. We talked like we hadn't talked all week and then said goodbye. So it is back to 2 hour phonecalls every couple of weeks. But thank you Venessa, I had a fab week, I loved your company and it was great to catch up IRL after our holiday last year.

Monday, 2 April 2007


Ladies who lunch.

It started with Sam and I meeting for lunch on a Monday and Friday, work permitting. And it has snowballed. So there were seven of us on Monday. OK, so it was a chance to meet with Venessa again. But seven. We even had to book a table today. Me, Venessa, Sam, Sarah, Julie, Ali, Charlotte and baby George. OK, maybe I should have said eight, George is such a cutie. Lots of curls and gorgeous big eyes. Why is it boys always have such long eyelashes? And girls don't. Maybe it is so that we will spend money on make up and tinting later on in life lol.

I ate too usual.

Sunday, 1 April 2007

Post Scrapfever

What a fab weekend!

I loved all the classes....even if I was late to practically all of them and I didn't quite finish the projects.

Donna's album. This was such a fab idea. Making your cover from chipboard, then layering your pages and stamping with paint. Sunday afternoon found me in the ladies desperately trying to dry each new stamped page under the hand dryer. I think Debbie spent as much time in there as me! I just need to add tabs and a button to finish this one.

Stacy's album in 60 seconds. Well that is what it felt like to me. The only class that I felt slightly uncomfortable with. Not because I didn't like it because I did. It was fab. I just can't scrapbook that quickly lol. I didn't finish this one. I didn't even qualify for a packet of jelly beans for finishing five pages. Useless that's me! But I will finish it at day.

Venessa's class. The only layout. Typical understated Venessa style. I just love her work. Her sense of balance. Of incorporating so many elements but still making a page that looks so simple. Just awsome. I finished this one!

Ali's class. I'm not a lover of painting. Much prefer working with a pencil. But this was great. Messy. But there is something satisfying with playing with paint. Great fun. I even finished this class. And made up the frames. I just don't know where to hang them now. So they are in the conservatory - waiting to be hung.

So thank you Donna, Stacy, Venessa and Ali for some fab classes.

And thank you Amy for such a fantastic weekend. I'm glad we didn't go to CKU now.