Sunday, 14 October 2007

The Proclaimers at Hammersmith Apollo

OK, so my liking for this band might be a tad obsessive but I think they are fantastic live and last night was the best yet. They played a great set; a real mix of old and new, including some from the current album. A real highlight was 'Wrecless Eric' guesting on their take of his song 'Whole Wide World'. I won't go on because it can get boring if you don't like them but as before I managed to get a place up at the front, so perfect for photos. It is such a shame I can only take a snapshot camera in with me because the picture quality could be so, so much better. But overall, slight blur withstanding, they weren't too bad.

and with Wreckless Eric...

On another note, it is Roy's birthday today and we got him one of the new 8GB video looks very cool, black with a shiny, silver backing.(Not that this affects the music but it is very pretty!). I've just uploaded some music onto it for him but I need to work out how to do the videos etc, 'cos I haven't figured the extras out on mine yet.

Saturday, 13 October 2007

A long day...

and it is not over yet lol.

We have just got back from a flying visit to Lincoln to see my mum. Just over two hours to get up there, some gardening - basic because that's all I do. Then a hoover around, out to Whisby's nature reserve for lunch and then back down to London. Her leg is healing well, although it is painful as she is just starting to weight bare again. But hey, that is so much better than being in a wheelchair all the time.

Now I have time to get the washing on, go and pick Holly up from work, make dinner and then head into Hammersmith to see The Proclaimers. I bought their new album a few weeks ago, which I have played to death. Then I found Restless Soul the other day and have been listening to that instead. Although the reviews were not as good, I actually prefer this album.

Maybe tomorrow I will have some time to scrapbook...and a lie in - yay!

These were the two pages based on Shim's sketch for the Banana Frog UKS birthday crop class today. I'm looking forward to seeing what people make of this sketch...I had fun with it and it is quite unusual and fab to work to.

Thanks to Anita Mundt for these photos of me. I love that draping a piece of black material over my cupboard door makes such a difference.

I love these photos of Holly; a couple of them are quite old and just taken at football matches when the mamager was giving the team a talk afterwards. The middle one is more recent, taken a couple of months ago.

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Busy time

Where has the time gone again? It is sooo long since I last posted, lots of things have been happening but no time to catch up. I will try and catch up with some back posts but for tonight, just a quickie. Its been a busy day at work but really just paperwork and lots of but nothing to go to today. They still continued an hour an a half after finishing - the downside to being contactable by mobile.

Anyway I am home now. My dad is here; we are going to his brother's funeral tomorrow morning. A sad time, they didn't really keep in touch so he didn't know his brother was ill. He could have said goodbye but no one told him. So he is sad and this is the last of his immediate family.

Have desparately been catching up with housework, washing and ironing. All I seem to do is pick up stuff from downstairs and take it upstairs. Every morning and evening. Without fail. The same stuff just magically reappears. Does this happen in other peoples houses? One day I will find out just how many calories I use up, running up and down the stairs countless times a day. It must be lots but it doesn't seem to make a difference lol. Maybe it has something to do with the wine and the chocolate!

So what else have I been up to? The last couple of nights I have been making a couple of pages for the Banana Frog UKS Cyber Crob class that Shimelle is running. So that has been fun and I will post them when I can. Now I have to work on magazine pages lol.