Sunday, 14 October 2007

The Proclaimers at Hammersmith Apollo

OK, so my liking for this band might be a tad obsessive but I think they are fantastic live and last night was the best yet. They played a great set; a real mix of old and new, including some from the current album. A real highlight was 'Wrecless Eric' guesting on their take of his song 'Whole Wide World'. I won't go on because it can get boring if you don't like them but as before I managed to get a place up at the front, so perfect for photos. It is such a shame I can only take a snapshot camera in with me because the picture quality could be so, so much better. But overall, slight blur withstanding, they weren't too bad.

and with Wreckless Eric...

On another note, it is Roy's birthday today and we got him one of the new 8GB video looks very cool, black with a shiny, silver backing.(Not that this affects the music but it is very pretty!). I've just uploaded some music onto it for him but I need to work out how to do the videos etc, 'cos I haven't figured the extras out on mine yet.


Laura G said...

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