Friday, 25 May 2007

Il Divo

We went to the Trafford Centre today. I haven't been there with Eileen for years as it gets very crowded on a weekend. But hey, this was Friday, it wasn't that busy and we wandered around the various shops, bought some fabulous wood and ceramic spice drawers and distressed cream metal birdcages from The Pier, had lunch in Selfridges, coffee in Starbucks and altogether a lovely day. After picking Josh up from school, we relaxed at home until it was time to head into the centre for the concert. It is even longer since I have been into Manchester itself...well as long as you don't count the train station! I hardly recognised it, the last time I was there was before the bomb. I was really surprised to see a big wheel, similar but smaller than the London Eye, just in the streets. We were a little early so I dragged Eileen into Primark; a very new experience for my sister. By the time we had finished (and the store was far nicer than the one in Watford) we were just a little late for the concert. So loaded down with a very large bag filled with tee-shirts, we pretty much ran the rest of the way to the Arena.

It was so funny when we arrived; we were up in the Gods, maybe six rows from the top. I had to hang onto the staircase bars as we made our way to our seats. I felt like I was going to fall over it was so steep, but I was amused to see that others coming in after us were doing just the same. So we sat there with our lukewarm wine in plastic beakers and salt and vinegar crisps, looking the height of sophistication waiting for Il Divo to come on. Il Divo were just fab. I am just amazed that four guys can sing like they do, they filled the Arena with song after song from their albums and at least one brand new one. Their backing band and orchestra were fab as well. An amazing night that ended all to quickly.

Thursday, 24 May 2007


My boss retired today and invited our team out for lunch. We went to a local Tapas bar just south of the river and all shared a mixture of dishes. It is the second time that I have been to this place and the meal was wonderful, spicy chorizo, garlic prawns, chilli spiced fried potatoes just to name a few dishes. We walked out into the hot sunshine afterwards and I just wanted to go to sleep!

After finishing work, I went straight to Victoria to catch my coach to Manchester. I was going up there for the weekend as we had tickets to see Il Divo on the Friday. So after 4 1/2 hours on the coach, a 1/2 hour wait at Manchester for the train to Cheadle Hulme and a short walk the other end, I finally get there for about 10.30pm!
Fortunately there was a very large, very cold glass of wine waiting for me....

Friday, 18 May 2007

Holly's 17th birthday!

I can't believe that my little baby has turned 17! We woke her up this morning with smoked salmon and cram cheese bagels and present opening in bed. I had bought her lots of surf style clothes; a gamble because I haven't bought her clothes for a few years now. Far better to go shopping with her her ...oh and MY credit card of course!

Then we had this amazing day at a new spa in Watford; Presence. It is an independent gift shop with an internet cafe at the back and now a spa on the first floor. This spa is fab; it looks gorgeous, wood floors, white walls, dark wood furniture, huge fabric and leather sofas, driftwood sculptures and seascape paintings on the walls. The treatments are to die for. We started with an infra red sauna, not my favourite but I am not a sauna person. Then Holly had a stone massage and I had a Tibetan massage. Mine invloved warm, perfumed oils and then a deep (read hard!) massage with little linen bags filled with salts and hot pebbles. She spent ages working on my back which always feels knotted from poor posture when working. It felt so good afterwards. Then I had a luxury pedicure, a 'workout' facial, lunch, a go in the floatation tank and then relaxing in the dusk room. Holly had similar treatments and loved them all. I can't wait to go again! We followed up with a spot of shopping and back to the coffee shop.

So for the evening, Holly chose to go to Ask for pizzas. Her boyfriend Sean came as well and we had a fun night followed by a pirate birthday cake!

Friday, 4 May 2007

Happy Birthday Banana Frog!

So Banana Frog is a year old today. Congratulations Bev! You have achieved so much over the last year. You have worked so hard to make BF the success it is and I just hope that you continue to go from strength to strength. If you haven't seen Bev's amazing stamps, just go check them out here