Friday, 11 January 2008


These are my recent pages from SI.... this is probably overkill but this is all I have done over the last few months apart from the unpublished stuff. So in no particular order.....

Xmas photos from years past.

The advent calendar project had to be changed as it didn't photograph well. This is what it originally looked like without the red background.

Holly off to a party.

Dedicated to Sean and his presents.

I was taking photos of some of the artist bears for insurance purposes many years ago when I collected them. I forgot I had these of Holly.

One of my favourite pages I have ever made...even if the inspiration was from a clothing label - totally.

Using my water colour pencils. I saw some in WHSmiths the other day - half price and I am very tempted.

This started off as an 8.5x11 but it just didn't work so I stuck it on to a piece of 12x12 and carried on...

Maybe I saw the Proclaimers a tad too much this year but they were just fab :)

I just love these photos of Holly....

I went back to Thassos in 2005 and in all honesty nothing seemed to have changed!But these were from my trip back in 1993?

Anyway, that's caught up on all my pages. Now I just need to do get on and do some more this weekend :)

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