Thursday, 14 June 2007

Bad mother

Holly wasn't well last week, all through her AS exams. I just thought it was a cold. She went away for the weekend but phoned up saying that she had a high temperature, ear ache and a sore throat. So I took her to the doctors as soon as she got back and he said acute tonsillitus. I felt awful because she had been ill all week but as soon as her exams were finished I made her go into work on the Friday and Saturday. And now she has been really unwell this week. But we seem to be over the worst and she has caught up on her sleep.

Today I interviewed an 81 year old who offered me coffee and cake. He bought out this amazing coffee cupcake with an almost liquid centre and a chocolate covered coffee bean on top! Such a lovely man and so interesting to talk to.

Looking forward to Friday and the weekend...yay! It is the Ickenham Crop on Sunday and I am looking forward to a day of scrapbooking.

Saturday, 9 June 2007

Sam's sister's wedding

I was asked to take some photos for Nat and Scott at their wedding today. Just casual photos as they had two photographers there for the formal side. So I took loads, just to be on the safe side. Nat looked stunning and the whole day (to me) seemed perfect. I loved this photo of their first dance. I liked the way the lights almost seemed to make a heart above their heads and the slightly old fashioned look. Sam, Ian, Callie, Abbie and Tyler all looked fab; the girls were all bridesmaids and Tyler was a page boy. Ian and I just took photos!

Sunday, 3 June 2007

One of those weekends....

when I don't seem to achieve anything much at all.

Today has just been frustrating. I spent over 5 hours just going through my bills, online banking etc; just making sure I was up to date. I have got so behind over the last two months with the long hours at work and constant 'catching up' with everything else. Well, I finally got my bills paid. Got mad because I didn't pay my Mastercard bill in time and now will incur interest. Then got madder still when I realised that I could not find my invoices folder for SI. I have back ups but they are not recent. My fault of course. I was so sure that I had copied the invoice folder onto the new PC along with my assignments. Infact I know I did because one solitary invoice remains but the main folder - gone. I searched everywhere but it was gone. I tried my keydrive, my portable laptop, my external drive but nada. So now I can only hope that Ian (Sam's hubby and computer geek (in the nicest sense lol))) can access my hard drive on my old laptop which won't boot up. I know there must be a recent copy on there plus all my other work that I need and didn't manage to transfer over before the crash. Life sucks sometimes...even if I only have myself to blame for not backing up.

So I have done nothing else today apart from drink coffee and eat chocolate. And feel sorry for myself lol.

Holly has four days of AS exams starting tomorrow. Three Biology on Monday followed by another six, maths, chemistry and politics. She is SO stressed and there is nothing I can do for her. Just be there with lots of cuddles. She needs to get four A's to stand any chance of getting a good Uni next year to study medicine. I can't help because it is all double dutch to me.